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Juso Bath Powder (5 Scents)

  • Epsom salt (Mg sulfate: moisturizing ingredient), organic germanium (phytosteryl glucoside / glucosylceramide: moisturizing ingredient) is a bathing agent that sweats and warms from the core of the body. A bath of baking soda (Na hydrogen carbonate: cleaning ingredient) for smooth skin. A warm peach bath (peach ceramide: moisturizing ingredient), (peach seed extract: moisturizing ingredient), (peach leaf extract: moisturizing ingredient) from Yamanashi. The color of the water is milky pink with a fresh peach scent. 

    Ingredients / quantity [Ingredients] Na carbonate, Na sulfate, Na hydrogen carbonate, dextrin, titanium oxide, Mg sulfate, phytosteryl glucoside / glucosylceramide, peach leaf extract, peach seed extract, tea leaf extract, lepagermanium, papaine, Na oleate , Polyglyceryl laurate 5, BG, ethanol, water, fragrance, red 102 Usage and dosage

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