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Explore your creative possibilities with Strawberry Boots........

Growing up Canadian to Japanese immigrant parents, I was lucky to be raised in two amazing cultures. My brothers and I were very fortunate to have a strong tie to our family back in Japan, and they would constantly send boxes of goodies filled with toys, games, stationery, and more. That excitement and mystery contained in a small box was where the passion for Strawberry Boots started. Initially it was a love for products and foods, and as I grew older I really started to understand the diverseness to culture, work ethics, attention to detail, and simply their way of living. Fast forward ten years and now living on my own, I wish to surround myself with more products with the Japanese essence. Established in 2017, Strawberry Boots Inc will connect to artists and vendors from Japan and locally. Choosing creative, artistic, beautiful, fun, and well made products. All for an enjoyable online shopping experience. I hope you enjoy the products that have all been selected just for you, and join me on my journey.


Strawberry Boots


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