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Hario Glass Earrings

  • HARIO was founded as a heatproof glass maker in 1921 and is the only company producing heatproof glass at its own factory in Japan.  

    HARIO manufactures everything from laboratory glassware to pet products, but is best known a coffee utensil maker.

     The company first decided to make jewelry when unexpectedly beautiful glass formed in a furnace closed by the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

    In 2015, the HARIO Lampwork Factory jewelry brand was launched  to reintroduce handcrafting techniques developed early in the company’s history.

  • HARIO’s heatproof glass is easy to stretch, connect and sculpt into delicate shapes like snowflakes and flower petals. 

    It is also lighter than regular glass, making it less stressful to wear.  

    Most jewelry motifs are inspired by the beauty of natural everyday scenery.

    All glass in HARIO Lampwork Factory jewelry is skillfully crafted and mounted by hand at workshops in Japan where the jewelry is also manually packaged.

    Talented HARIO craftspeople are honing valuable skills that will lead to original new products and be passed on to future generations at HARIO.

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