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  • The hot spring ingredient enhances the warming effect of the bath and promote blood circulation, relieving fatigue and stiff shoulders.
  • Containing hyaluronic acid to moisturize your skin.
  • 4 types of carefully selected fragrance
  • Miyagi/Sakunami: Fragrance of sweet sake drifting softly [Milky white hot water
  • Niigata/Echigo-Yuzawa: Camellia fragrance spreading elegantly [Milky red hot water
  • Shizuoka/Shuzenji: Relaxing scent of gyokuro [Milky green water].
  • Gifu/Gero: Relaxing scent of ginger honey [Milky yellow hot water
  • This product is not a reproduction of hot spring water, but made to resemble each hot spring.

Hakugen Iiyu Tabidachi Bath Powder

  • [Scent of wisteria, scent of sazanka, scent of irises] Na hydrogen carbonate *, Na sulfate *, Na anhydrous thiosulfate, Silica anhydride, Chinpi extract, Tincture tincture, Absolute ethanol, Ti oxide, Na polyacrylate, PEG20000, Fragrance, (+/-) Red 102, Red 106, Blue 1, blue 2, yellow 4 * Indicates [active ingredient], not indicated [other ingredients] [Tangerine scent] Na hydrogen carbonate *, Na sulfate *, silicic acid anhydride, chimpi extract, tincture, absolute ethanol, Ti oxide, sodium polyacrylate, PEG20000, fragrance, (+/-) red 106, yellow 202 (1)

    • Add 1 package (25g) of this product, stir well and take a bath.
    • Do not use this product mixed with other bath powders.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not use for purposes other than bathing.
    • Do not store in high temperature and high humidity.
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