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Detoxifies, reduces swelling, absorbs excessive moisture.

Made in Japan


How to use:


  • Clean your feet and take out the detox foot pads and adhesive sheet.
  • Attach the sap sheet (silver surface) to the centre of the adhesive sheet.
  • Apply the sticky adhesive side to the bottom of your foot and leave overnight.
  • Used it comfortably when you are going to bed.
  • For best result remove it after 6-8hours applying in the next morning.
  • Wipe the sticky area with a wet cloth or towel after use.

(You may use for other parts of the bodies such as  back, arm and shoulder as well in order to relieve the pain.)




Cherry Blossom Relaxing Sheet

  • This detox foot pads contain natural minerals, acids and crystal such as wood vinegar, tourmaline, pearl powder and chitosan which are very effective to promote detoxifying and cleansing of the body. It able to remove these harmful substances that accumulates in the body such as lead, mercury, arsenic and etc. Furthermore, Rakuraku Relaxing Sheet For Sole Detox Foot Pads is made up from Japanese herb such as wormwood which is not only found in medicine and food, it also has been found useful for treating the rustling skin. In addition, the wood vinegar acts like a sponge to draw the harmful toxins throughout the skin and the glycolic acid works as an exfoliate to open up the pores.

  • Rakuraku Relaxing Sheet For Sole Detox Foot Pads are actually negative ions in the air, which are believed to alleviate the stress and depression, helps to promote the alpha brain waves. It is suitable for people who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism which helps them to reduce the stiffness in the morning and improve the sleeping pattern (These are NOT medical products). Last but not least, it helps to reduce swelling due to water retention and promote the blood circulation in our body as well

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