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Adding a nice aesthetic element to your table settings, these wooden chopstick rests have many functions.  They prevent your table surfaces from getting messy, provide a place in-between bites, and also prevent chopsticks from rolling off the table.  And its a bonus they are so cute! 



Designed in Japan, made in the Phillipines. 

Zodiac Chopstick Rest

  • Long ago, the Jade Emperor, the ruler of the heavens in Chinese mythology, wanted to find a way to measure time and create a calendar. To achieve this, he decided to organize a grand race and invited all the animals in the kingdom to participate. The first twelve animals to cross the heavenly river would be selected as zodiac signs, and their order would determine the sequence of years in the Chinese calendar.

    On the day of the race, all the animals were excited and eager to prove themselves. The rat, being clever and quick-witted, wanted to secure the first place. However, it was small and not a strong swimmer. It approached the ox, who was strong and good at swimming, and asked for help to cross the river. The ox, kind-hearted, agreed to let the rat ride on its back.

    As the race began, the ox charged ahead with the rat on its back. Just as they were about to reach the other side, the rat saw an opportunity to win. It leaped off the ox's back and quickly crossed the finish line, becoming the first animal of the zodiac.

    Following closely behind, the ox became the second animal in the zodiac. The tiger, with its powerful and fierce nature, arrived third, and the rabbit, known for its speed and agility, came fourth.

    The story continues with the dragon coming in fifth place. Despite being a powerful and mythical creature, the dragon had stopped along the way to help people in need and replenish the land with rain, hence its later arrival.

    The other animals followed in order of their finish: the snake, the horse, the goat (or sheep), the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and finally, the pig.

    Thus, the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac were established, and each year in the cycle is associated with a specific zodiac sign. People born in a particular year are said to share certain traits with the animal of that year, and it is believed to influence their personality and destiny.

    The Chinese zodiac remains an essential cultural aspect in China and many other Asian countries, where it is used for astrology, fortune-telling, and determining auspicious times for various events.

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