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2pcs (50ml)

Made in Japan


Directions: Easy to use! Put on a sock-shaped foot mask and wait for 60 minutes. RInse off. In 3 to 7 days the top layer of skin will peel off.  

Miimeow Foot Peeling Mask

  • Use lactic acid that is gentle to the skin

    Rose fragrance

    Add 12 kinds of plant essence to reshape the supple feet

    *Medicinal sage leaf extract, soapwort leaf extract, Tokyo cherry leaf extract, Ivy leaf/stem extract, watercress leaf/stem

    extract, tea extract, scutellaria root extract, burdock root extract, Citron fruit extract, rice fermentation product filtrate,

    hydrolyzed rice extract, rice bran extract

    Add sodium hyaluronate and squalene to achieve high moisturizing effect




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