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Language: Japanese


Little Twin Stars Love Stories Book

  • A cute twin character "Little Twin Stars" born from Sanrio in 1975, 
    The popular name "Kikirara" has been one of Sanrio's most popular characters since its birth. 

    This book is a collection of original drawings that showcase the precious original pictures that you can feel the history of Kikirara from the early days to the present day. 
    In addition to simply posting the original picture, we will introduce a gentle original picture with a hand-painted touch in a picture book format along with a story. 
    It reveals the story behind the birth of Kiki and Rara, which have a high storyline, and the story of the two innocent love. There are also nostalgic merchandise photos! 

    The particular binding is a gold band stamped letter with a cloud-shaped band. 
    It has a cute finish that is irresistible to Kikirara fans. 

    I will return all the people who have finished reading to me when I met Kikirara, 
    The birth of one book full of love.

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