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No need to rinse or wipe it off.  Ideal for both daytime and overnight lip care.

(The balm is very soft, so do not twist up more than about 1 mm of the tip for use.
Please note that the balm can't be retracted once you have twisted it up)

Manufacturer: Canmake

Made-in Japan


Lip Care Scrub

  • For soft, supremely touchable lips 
    Lip scrub buffs away rough skin and moisturize your lips.

    Gently exfoliates to leave your lips soft and smooth.
    ● The sugar scrub melts on contact with your body heat, removing old, hard skin cells on your lips to leave them velvety-smooth.
    ● This effortless balm is all you need to combat roughness and dullness due to dryness and old, hard skin cells.

    Intensive hydration like a lip mask.
    ● Contains 7 types of moisturizing agents to hydrate your lips like a wrap and provide protection against dryness.
    ● The plumping effect leaves lips looking soft, plump, pillowy, and supremely touchable. *Effect created by the make-up

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