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The Gauze Towel is a loosely woven cotton towel that allows for fast absorption and drying.  Multiple layers woven in a grid-like pattern, backed with a soft terry pile backing.  In Japan it is commonly used for infants, and individuals with sensitive skin.  


Japanese Holidays and Traditions

Mamemaki (bean throwing) is a tradition practiced during Setsubun (first day of Spring), celebrated February 3rd. Where fukumame (lucky beans) are thrown by the toshiotoko/toshionna (son/daughter born under current year of the zodiac sign).  The beans would be thrown at a family member wearing a oni (ogre) mask outside.  While everyone says "Oni wa soto, fukuwa uchi" (Devil outside, luck inside), and shuts the door.  Symbolizing the purification of the household of bad luck.


Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls Day) is celebrated on March 3 to wish happiness for the girls in families.  Dolls would be displayed a few days befor the 3rd, and traditionally taken down the day after.  The ornamental dolls are of the Emporer and Empress, and if the collection was larger it would include the attendants and musicians.  The doll sets were handed down the family, or purchased by parents/grandparents once a daughter/grand daughter is born.  


Kodomonohi (Kids Day) is celebrated May 5th.  To honor children, and wish them good futures and good health.  The koinobori (carp streamers) are displayed around Japan during Golden Week (the largest holiday for workers).  Previously referred to as Boys Day, the carp was chosen as the symbol for its high energy, strongwill, and determination to reach the top of the waterfall against all odds.


Tanabata (Star Festival) is celebrated July 7th.  Originated in China about two lovers who can only meet once a year on this day.  Japan has adapted the festival, and they deorate bamboo trees with strands of colorful paper.  It is said if you write a wish on the piece of paper and hang it on the bamboo tree your will will be granted. 



Gauze Hand Towel

SKU: 98754213
  • 13" x  35"

    100% Cotton

    Machine wash cold separately, mild detergent, hang dry, avoid tumble dry.


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