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Premium Brush

  • Softer hog bristle
  • Handcrafted walnut wood handle
  • Heat-stamped Jason Markk logo on handle
  • Ideal on delicate materials such as premium leather, suede or cotton mesh


Standard Brush

  • Synthetic bristle
  • Handcrafted wood handle
  • Heat-stamped Jason Markk logo on handle
  • Excellent for tackling dirt on midsoles
  • Great for all-around cleaning
  • Tough on stubborn stains


Suede Cleaning Kit

  • Suede Handle Brush
  • Soft horse hair bristles for cleaning delicate suede
  • Heat-stamped Jason Markk logo on handle
  • Handcrafted beech wood handle
  • Eraser removes dirt from suede, nubuck and midsoles


Microfiber Cloth

  • 12” x 12”
  • Each microfiber is finer than a human hair and is sliced 16 times, resulting in millions of microscopic hooks on each cloth to capture dirt and dust
  • Absorbs up to 7 times its weight in water
  • Extremely absorbent, quick drying, lint free and non-abrasive
  • Machine washable. Wash hot. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Low heat tumble dry.

Jason Markk Brushes and Cloths

  • Dry Brush: Use a dry suede brush to remove any loose dirt and debris that can stain when cleaning

    Erase: Lightly erase blemishes using the suede eraser
    Foam: Using minimal liquid is key when cleaning suede. We suggest using our rtu foam and a premium brush. Apply foam directly onto a premium brush and target specific areas

    Dry: Use a microfiber towel to blot moisture using a dab and twist method. Intermittently use the suede brush to help lift the nap back

    Quick Tips
    – Dyed suede can bleed, test spot an inconspicuous area such as the tongue or heel if possible
    – Dry brush suede shoes after every wear to prevent dirt buildup
    – Repel after cleaning

  • The Jason Markk Microfiber Towel is extremely absorbent, quick drying, lint free and non-abrasive, which makes it the perfect material for wiping off excess liquid from shoes.

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