Fundraising For
​The BC Food Bank

(YYC Pickup Only)

November 2021.  In just a few days heavy rain overran rivers and caused flooding across southern B.C.  Mudslides were triggered causing damage to, or completely wiping out major highways.  Nearly 20,000 people had evacuated their homes, and are now discovering the true damage of this horrific flood.


Tigerstedt Family (Strawberry Boots, Prairie Bazaar, Tigerstedt Market) and the NJCA (New Japanese Canadian Association) would like to do what we can to help.  We have decided to fundraise for the BC Food Bank.  With road closures, devastations to local agriculture sectors, and panic buying. The BC Food Bank is struggling to bring food in, and are resorting to flying food to isolated areas.  100% of the funds will go to the BC Food Bank.


Please see the selection below, and read the instructions carefully about our TWO pickup locations.


It will be a long road to recovery, we are here for our BC neighbours.